I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had sex in 3 months and my uterus is on vibrate or what, but I wanted to fuck everyone in that tattoo shop.

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what if im trying to get my grub on the day before? is stuffing my face with golden corrall, gas station burritos & nachos type stuff still okay?

look… whatever makes you happy

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Why do u suggest "veggies that aren't dark green"

high in protein, make your cum taste bitter.

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i can’t understand a single word Fka Twigs is saying in her songs and that is sooo annoying to me i need to be able to sing the fuck along my songs will have strong singalongable female vocals to easily jam to

and some shoobeedoobeedoowops in the back. she got reversed harmonies and more whispers. fka twigs music make my dog aggressive. he a yorkie I don’t need that shit

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I'm serious tho!!! Cos it didn't really feel good and I wanted to go deeper the whole time, but I really wanna know if I can still claim my virginity lmao

I mean, I don’t think one’s virginity is that important tbh and I mean you HAD penetrative sex. just because they didn’t hit the backwall doesn’t mean you still couldn’t get pregnant, but also if you feel like you want to do so then go ahead idk I’m just waiting for these damn pills to kick in. go wild boo

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my boyfriend just broke up with me what do I do


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Am I a virgin still if I've fucked multiple times but with the penis only really going a couple inches in to avoid pregnancy with the person I was doing it with?


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why cant we eat fruits before 2pm?/? just curious

no fruits after*** so your body will have time to metabolize the sugars and stuff. I learned that from Aspen’s lanky ass

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I finish deciding on working with a piece with an artist, and I tell my dad I think I wanna get my next tattoo soon. he tells me I should wait until I graduate and start my career. I get ready to throw another bratty ass for, but then I realize:

a) I am a grown ass bitch
b) I have a job, which means
c) my money is my money, therefore
d) I can do whatever I want with my money, however,
e) I have things I want to do with my money, like invest, buy nice things and put it towards my organization, and also
f) if I let this idea marinate for a couple more years it’ll be more solid and sentimental and also my artist won’t be so hyped up and booked because he JUST got off of a tv show so now he has fans and people dying to get some of his work on them, so
g) my daddy was fucking right.

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A lot of yall deadass do NOTHING with your lives and still sit here and “drag” other people all day sit on ya cornball ass cyber thrones. And its not just Jovan’s bitter ass its a LOT of y’all. And you COULD be making the best of your situation but you would rather wallow in your self pity and anguish. I mean a lot of you just ain’t shit and never gunna be shit, and thats fine too because the world needs people like you. So do something or don’t, but stay the fuck in your lane.

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